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ICC Tokyo Meeting - Chiba Experts Day

As part of the June 2007 meeting in Tokyo, ICC and Chiba University held a Color Experts' Day, with presentations by ICC members and other leading color scientists. Presentations from the Experts' Day are available here.

"Research and Education for Color and Medical Engineering in Chiba University"
Prof. Yoichi Miyake

ICC overview
William Li

ICC Working Group presentations

Architecture Working Group
Max Derhak

Workflow Working Group
William Li

Digital Motion Picture Working Group
Lars Borg

Digital Photography Working Group
Jack Holm

Graphic Arts Special Interest Working Group
Craig Revie

Profile Assessment Working Group
Ingeborg Tastl

Technical presentations

Design & Use of Perceptual Rendering Intent for v4 Profiles
Jack Holm

Using ICC profiles for Motion Picture production
Lars Borg

Research & Education for Vision and Color Sciences in Chiba University
Prof. Hirohisa Yaguchi