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ICC/HP Digital Print Day 2011: Final Program

Wednesday 15 June at HP, Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain

Co-sponsored by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology

Morning session 9:45 - 12.30 Chair: Dr Phil Green, London College of Communication


Digital printing innovation at HP Sant Cugat
Dr Jan Morovic

Balancing 'automatic color' and artistic intent: the role of colour standards
Ann McCarthy, Lexmark

Hidden color management
Marc Mahy and Koen Vande Velde, Agfa

Automated RGB workflow using a Master-Colorspace
Jeurgen Seitz

Algorithm to Enhance Simultaneous Lightness Contrast in the Spatial Domain
Ravindranath Vaitiyanathan, London College of Communication

Correlation between Colour Reproduction Image Quality Metrics and Psychophysical Data
Lirui Peng, London College of Communication

Evaluating the use of mixed Neugebauer primaries (measured and estimated) in NG and YNSN models
Janan Blahova, Norwegian Color Lab

Colour management on non-paper based substrates
Tobias Rausch, X-Rite Europe


Afternoon session 2:00 - 5:10 Chair: Marti Maria, HP

Process control for digital print: ISO 15311
Craig Revie, FFEI

Review of graininess measurements
Johanna Kleinmann, Inca Digital

Gamut ID metric
Kiran Deshpande, London College of Communication

Evaluating print image quality for small and large format digital printing processes
Andreas Kraushaar, Fogra

Predicting the colorimetry of spot colour overprints
Kiran Deshpande, London College of Communication

Tour of HP facility

HANS - Enabling CMY Metamers
Jan Morovic, Peter Morovic and Juan Manuel Garcia, HP

Strategies for spectral printer inversion
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

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