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Medical Imaging Working Group meeting

Nippon-Seinenkan Hotel
Meeting Room 502
160-0013 Kasumigaokamachi 7-1 Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan

3 March 13.30pm

Suggested hotels close to the meeting location

Remote participation


  1. Introduction to the ICC Medical Imaging activities
  2. Whole slide imaging
    • Quantification of liver fibrosis using whole slide image Tokiya Abe
    • FFEI proposal for calibration assessment slide Craig Revie
    • Multispectral imaging for WSI
  3. Medical displays colour calibration and measurement
    • "Perceptually Linear Color Behaviour of Display? Yu Kosugi
    • "Perceptually Linear Color Behaviour of Display? Tom Kimpe
    • Open Discussion
  4. Medical Photography
    • Recommended lighting conditions and image format for medical photography
  5. Presentations from Digital Biocolor Society
    • Measurement of skin absolute spectral-reflectance-image and its application to component analysis
  6. Ophthalmic Photography