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XYZ profiles

The following XYZ profiles can be used as source profiles for the interpretation of XYZ-encoded image data and as destination profiles for the creation of XYZ-encoded image data. They may be useful in cases where XYZ image data is encountered in the workflow. The CIEXYZ profiles can also be used as a quick way to create adopted white relative CIEXYZ values from image data in other color encodings.

In order to provide broader interoperability, the colour space of these XYZ profiles is set to RGB. However, the data resulting from a transform from PCS to the profile's colour space should be interpreted as XYZ.

The D50_XYZ.icc profile should be used for CIEXYZ data relative to a D50 adopted white.

The D55_XYZ.icc profile should be used for CIEXYZ data relative to a D55 adopted white.

The D65_XYZ.icc profile should be used for CIEXYZ data relative to a D65 adopted white.

D65 channel scaled XYZ
Use of the XYZ image files of ISO 12640-2 with colour management systems requires use of an ICC profile. The independent channel scaling of the XYZ image data of ISO 12640-2 means that simple D65 CIEXYZ profiles will produce incorrect results. The D65channelscaledXYZ.icc profile is intended for interpretation of the D65 channel scaled XYZ image files of ISO 12640-2. It is not appropriate for use with standard CIEXYZ data, either for interpretation or creation. The other XYZ profiles should be used to interpret or to create CIEXYZ data normalized to the indicated adopted white points.