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ICC DevCon '05

The DevCon presentations

A1: What do image pixel values represent?
Ann McCarthy, Lexmark International, Inc.

A2: What does ICC color rendering do to color?
Emmi Enoksson, Dalarna University, Sweden

A3: How SHOULD applications present color controls?
Chris Murphy, Color Remedies

A4: When and how should a print job be encoded for print?
Phil Green, London College of Communication; Bob Hallam, Quebecor World

A5: How should device drivers use ICC profiles?
Luke Wallis, Apple Computer, Inc

Expert User Panel: "From the trenches"
Bob Hallam, Quebecor World; Don Hutcheson, Hutcheson Consulting ; Chris Murphy, Color Remedies ; Matt Phillips, Adobe Systems Inc.; Eric Magnusson, Left Dakota

P1: Under the hood: the V4 CMM, V4 ICC profiles, and the new ICC Perceptual PCS
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics Corp.

P2: ICC V4 colorimetric rendering intents
Marti Maria Saguer, Hewlett Packard

P3: ICC V4 perceptual rendering intent
Jack Holm, Ingeborg Tastl, Hewlett Packard

P4: Profile Identification and output condition metadata
Uwe-Jens Krabbenhoeft, Heidelbergerer Druckmaschinen AG

P5: V4 LUT structures
Luke Wallis, Apple Computer, Inc.

P6: Profile and CMM computational quality
Chris Cox, Adobe Systems Inc.


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  For details on obtaining copies of the DevCon '05 presentations, contact Kip Smythe

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