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ICC HDR Experts' Day

ICC held an Experts' Day on HDR colour imaging on March 15 2022.

In this meeting industry experts addressed a wide range of topics with a focus on colour management of HDR still and moving images.

Full details of all the speakers and their talks are here, and slides are available to download below.


William Li, Kodak

HDR workflows: ITU vs ICC
Luke Wallis, Apple | Recording

HDR Production: Choosing Format Conversion Look-Up Tables
Simon Thompson, BBC | Recording

The Perceptual Quantizer: design considerations and applications
Timo Kunkel, Dolby Systems | Recording

Reverse tone mapping: enhancement of SDR content for HDR rendering
Mekides Abebe, RIT | Recording

CIE 8-18 Guidelines for definition and evaluation of HDR images
Mekides Abebe, RIT | Recording

ISO TC42 development of ISO TS 22028-5 Colour encodings for HDR still images
Nicolas Bonnier, Apple | Recording

Objective metrics for HDR
Chris Seeger, NBC Universal | Recording

Dolby Vision: overview of key features and workflows
Timo Kunkel, Dolby | Recording

Evaluating HDR Pipeline Relative to Tone Mapped SDR Pipeline
Hamzeh Issa, NTNU | Recording

Thoughts on HDR Colour Management Using Version 5 ICC Profiles
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics | Recording