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ICC Color Experts' Day, Bressanone

ICC held an Experts' Day on colour management in printing on non-paper substrates using wide-format printing. The meeting was hosted by Barbieri Electronic at Durst HQ

Venue: Durst HQ
Via Julius-Durst, 4, 39042 Bressanone, Italy

In this meeting industry experts address a wide range of topics with a focus on colour management of printing on textiles, signage, ceramics, floor coverings and other non-paper substrates.

There is also a panel discussion on current problems in colour management.

Full details of all the speakers and the presentations are on the program page, where you can also find the slides to download.

All talks are in English.

Christoph Gamper, CEO Durst-Group
Hans Peter Schneeberger, Prepress-digital
Markus Barbieri, Barbieri Electronic

Introduction to ICC colour management
William Li, Kodak

Converting instrument readings into visual plausible colour measurements
Andreas Kraushaar, Fogra

Using eciCMYK as working colour space for wide gamut printers (nChannel, CMYK+)
Peter Kleinheider, Prepress Digital

Advanced color management workflow for inkjet applications
Dietmar Fuchs, Colorlogic

Textile colour management
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

Color workflow challenges for dye-sublimation textile printing
Marco Roos, Color-Concepts

RIP solutions for functional and decorative applications
Arnaud Fabre, Caldera

Colour management for day/night (backlight off/on) backlit applications
Dorin Pitigoi

Colour management on variable substrates
Steven Harnie, LMNS Expert group

Devstudio hybrid profiles
Massimo Ontani, Devstudio

Challenges in n-colour printing
William Li, Kodak

Profiling for non-standardized printing conditions (CMYK or Multicolor, Digital or Conventional)
Jurgen Seitz, GMG

Measurement solutions for signage and digital textile printing
Markus Barbieri, Barbieri Electronic

Measurement challenges and solutions for non-paper substrates
Ray Cheydleur, X-Rite

The use of the M3 measurement condition in colour management
James Vogh, X-Rite

The measurement and profiling of special materials: glass, leather, laminates, etc: problems and solutions, practical experiences
Andrea DeRossi, Tecnologie Grafiche

Measurement of 3D textile features
Michele Conni, Barbieri Electronic

Getting spectral data when you don't have spectral measurements
Tanzima Habib, NTNU

Overcoming challenges surrounding color management in ceramic digital printing through new approaches
Jan Seguda, ColorGATE

Evening reception