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ICC Color Symposium Hong Kong October 22 2018

Below are the presentations from the ICC Color Symposium, organised by Aptec and ICC.

Digital Color Management Techniques
Mr. William Li
Digital workflows lead to more flexibility in how color gets handled. This talk is about how to take advantage of this flexibility without falling prey to the dangers, with examples drawn from digital printing, expanded color gamut, and traditional CMYK printing.

Textile Color Management
Dr. Max Derhak
Increasingly textiles are printed using digital inkjet printers, enabling new types of products. This talk addresses some of the challenges involved in color managing digital printing on textiles.

Softproofing Revisit and Reborn
Mr. Chris Bai
Soft proofing has been around for quite a period of time already, but still has not been widely adopted yet. With the recent advancement in display technology and the latest iccMAX architecture, soft proofing has become active again. We?ll take another look at how the latest technology could help you improve your color communication efficiency.

Setting Color Expectations from Creation to Production for Packaging
Mr. Raymond Cheydleur
This talk will give a quick overview of the different stages of packaging from Design through execution and where ICC profiles can enhance the quality of reproduction and communication along the way. He will address spot color in a couple of different ways including the use of ICC with expanded color gamut.

Standards in Color Specification
Mr. Steve Smiley
Standards are a vital part of ensuring that print buyers and brand owners get the results they expect, even and especially when using color management. This talk describes some of the standards which impact color management, and how to use them in the workflow, both as buyers and print service providers.

How to get consistency in color appearance?
Mr. Juergen Seitz
Color management workflows are helping to automate the color rendering of your data for the many output conditions. How consistent are these many outputs in color? Is there a way to measure the consistency between several output results? What standards, tools and technologies are there to control and secure best color consistency?