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Prague Graphic Arts Experts' Day June 29 2017

Czech Academy of Sciences
Národní 3 117 20
Prague 1, Czech

The ICC is holding a graphic arts Color Experts' Day in Prague in June 2017, in conjunction with the Czech Printers' Association SPP, University of Pardubice and the Slovak University of Technology. The focus of the one day event will be on current issues in colour management that concern the printing, packaging and publishing industries in the Eastern Europe region.

Presentations can be downloaded individually from the links below.


Welcome note

Introduction to ICC
William Li, Kodak Inc. (ICC co-chair)

How to work with CxF files in PDF
Bernd Rückert, CGS

Using standard printing conditions and characterization data
Philipp Tröster, Fogra

How to do soft proofing
Chris Bai, BenQ

Colorimetric and spectral matching
Marc Mahy, Agfa Graphics

Spectral data communication from prepress to press
Veronika Lovell, Sun Chemical

How to use the new ISO 13655 measurement conditions M0-M3
Ray Cheydleur, X-Rite Inc.

How to work with the Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut
Phil Green, NTNU in Gjøvik

What problems can be solved with iccMAX
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics (ICC Co-chair)

BRDF measurement and color appearance simulation based on iccMAX framework
Wei-Chun Hung, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Digital print: matching offset vs pure digital
William Li, Kodak Inc.

Consistent colour appearance
Greg High, NTNU in Gjøvik

Multi-angle spectroscopic measurements at University of Pardubice
Petr Janícek, University of Pardubice

An image based multi-angle measurement setup
Aditya Sole, NTNU in Gjøvik