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ICC Display and 3D Print Meeting - Taipei 5-6 May 2016

ICC held a meeting on Colour Management in Displays and 3D printing in Taipei on May 5-6 2016, in association with Ben-Q and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, with the collaboration of the Additive Manufacturing Association of Taiwan and the Color Association of Taiwan.

Presentations from the meeting are available to download.

Display meeting presentations

BenQ IntroductionConway Lee, CEO BenQ
ICC overviewWilliam Li, ICC co-chair
Trend of Wide Color Gamut Liquid Crystal DisplayCheng-Hsien Liao, AUO Optics
Overview of Standards Activities for Display Industry in TaiwanDr. Chao-Hua Wen, ITRI
The impact of CIE research strategy on ICC applicationsProf. Ronnier Luo, Leeds University / NTUST
iccMax for Display ApplicationsDr Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics
Thinking and Making Color Reproduction of Artworks in Spectral WayProf. James Shyu, Chinese Culture University
Visual Comfort of Mobile DisplaysProf. Li-Chen Ou, NTUST
Preferred Tone Reproduction Curves of Transparent LCDsHsin-Ping Chien, NTUST
Measurement Challenges of OLED and AMOLED DisplaysTom Lianza, Photo Research
Soft-proofing Applications for Six and Seven Colorants of High-Fidelity Printing Systems Using a Multispectral ApproachProf. Mei-Chun Lo, Shih Hsin University
Characterizing a Filter-based Multispectral Camera using iccMax ProfilesWei-Chun Hung, NTUST

3D Print presentations

ProgramWith links to audio
ICC introductionWilliam Li, Kodak
3D Model Slicing for Color 3D PrintingChien-I Lin, NTUST
Methods for Optimizing Color Uniformity of 3D Printing SurfacesProf. Pei-Li Sun, NTUST
Introduction to 3D Holographic Display TechnologiesProf. Chien-Yu Chen, NTUST
Measurement for 3D PrintingRay Cheydleur, X-Rite
3D Appearance Management using iccMAXJames Vogh, X-Rite
A Measurement-based Color Correction Method for 3D Scanning SystemKai-Lin Chan, NTUST
Color Gamut Mapping for 3D PrintingYuam-Peng Pi, NTUST