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Charter and procedures


Enable and promote the correct and effective use of ICC color management for medical imaging.

Specifically the group will:

  1. Identify issues with the implementation and use of color management for medical imaging.
  2. Establish and maintain liaison relationships with the appropriate medical imaging standards development organizations, e.g. DICOM, AAPM, ACR, IEC and ISO.
  3. Prepare white papers and other educational materials, and promotion activities to guide developers and users in the appropriate application of color management to medical imaging.
  4. When necessary, propose new ICC specifications or revisions to existing ICC (and other) specifications to address the needs of the medical imaging community.
  5. Promote the use of ICC color management in medical imaging.

Chairman: Craig Revie

Admin: Debbie Orf

Technical Secretary: Phil Green



The ICC Medical Imaging Working Group operates as an external working group of the International Color Consortium. Here is an outline of procedures of the Group