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ICC Working Group meetings

San Diego, November 4-5 2016

A meeting of the ICC was held on November 4-5 in San Diego. All times below are local (PDT).

Profile Assessment Working Group
November 4 15:00 - 17:00

Graphic Arts Special Interest Group
November 5 08:30 - 10:30

Architecture Working Group
November 5 10:45 - 14:00

Medical Imaging Working Group
November 5 14:00-16:30

MIWG Draft Agenda

  1. Colour calibration for Petri dish imaging (Jérémie Pescatore)
  2. Gjřvik masters course on colour in medical imaging (Phil Green)
  3. Updating FAQ 'How do I assess the accuracy of a display profile?' (Phil Green)
  4. Medical photography white paper (John Penczek / Phil Green)
  5. How to determine the gamut boundary of a display profile (Phil Green)
  6. Skin imaging update (Kaida Xiao)
  7. Action items review (Craig Revie)
Presentations from the MIWG meeting.

Minutes of the MIWG meeting

The Westgate Hotel
1055 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101