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ICC is the acknowledged leader in colour management. Members comprise all the key companies with colour management products across the entire spectrum, from specification and measurement through to cameras, displays, print, and especially software.

ICC develops the international specifications for colour management, and related resources. It has relationships with other international standards bodies including ISO, IEC and CIE that give it the primary role in colour management. Its experts also participate in other standards bodies to ensure that international standards with a colour management component are technically correct and appropriate from a scientific, commercial and user perspective.

ICC understands the colour management market. Collectively its members have an enormous user base and over two decades of experience of meeting users' needs.

ICC is where new developments happen. New technologies in colour management are developed and tested within ICC before being published, and members are able to engage in the development process and ensure their products are fully up to speed. Recently ICC members developed the iccMAX specification and Reference Implementation which is currently being reviewed by ISO as an international standard.

ICC has an open policy on intellectual property. It adopted the ISO policy on IP in 1996.

ICC is vendor-neutral. All ICC full members have the same voting rights and can participate fully in the decision-making process. A steering committee is elected annually from the membership on a one-member-one-vote basis.

ICC membership is cost-effective. With dues for full membership at only $3000 a year, your investment is more than repaid by the many membership benefits. In addition to corporate membership, ICC has an honorary class of membership for universities and other organisations who contribute to the work of ICC but pay no dues.

To join ICC, just review and sign the documents below and send to the Secretary Adam Dewitz, who will answer any questions you have about membership.