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ICC Profile Inspector

ICC Profile Inspector is a free software to view ICC profiles under the Microsoft Windows operating system. It displays the ICC header information, the ICC tag table, and data in each tag. The tool is very useful for developing ICC tools and ICC profiles. It is aimed for checking tag data. Although it checks ICC profile's basic data structure, it was not designed to validate ICC profiles.

Neither the author nor accept any liability for its behaviour.

ICC Profile Inspector was last updated on 5 December 2022.

System requirements:

  1. A PC runs under Windows 95 or later versions;
  2. Color monitor with at least 256 display colors;
  3. 10 Megabytes of free disk space.


  1. Download and unzip it, or
  2. Download, unzip it, and click setup.exe to install it.

    There are two methods to view an ICC profile:

    1. a. Launch ICC Profile Inspector (or double-click ICCViewer.exe); and
      b. Click Browse... button in the dialog box and then select an ICC profile.
    2. a. Move the mouse pointer to an ICC profile and then push left-mouse down to select the ICC profile;
      b. Keep the mouse pointer down and move the file to drop on the ICC Profile Inspector icon; and
      c. Release the mouse button.

    Thank you for using ICC Profile Inspector! Any comments and suggestions are welcomed. please contact Huan (Huanzhao) Zeng via email.