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dictType metadata entry: MediaFinish

Owner: AFPC

Contact: Yue Qiao ([email protected])

Change date: 13-06-2010

Category: Printing

Name: MediaFinish

Meaning of name: The surface characteristics of the media

Usage restriction: Optional

Display name element: Not specified

Value Meaning Display element
no (X'006E 006F') none (transparency)  
ct (X'0063 0074') coated  
tr (X'0074 0072') treated  
cm (X'0063 006D') commodity  
gl (X'0067 006C') glossy  
hg (X'0068 0067') high-gloss  
sg (X'0073 0067') semi-gloss  
st (X'0073 0074') satin  
mt (X'006D 0074') matte  
np (X'006E 0070') newsprint  
A two-character value consisting of only upper-case characters in the range [A-Z] custom