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ICC colour management research fund

ICC funds original research that helps further the ICC's goal of "creating, promoting and encouraging the standardization and evolution of an open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform colour management system architecture and components."

The 2017 call closed on April 7, and funds were awarded to the proposal 'Defining a Characterization Space for 3D print profiles in the iccMAX architecture' by Matt Ronnenberg at RIT.

Call for proposals

ICC invites proposals from graduate students working in an aspect of colour imaging who need funding for a particular element of their research.

A maximum of $10,000 will be awarded each year, although value for money is important and smaller proposals are encouraged. Funds can be used for subsistence, travel, or purchase of items necessary for the work such as research equipment, software licenses or publications.

Conditions of the award are:

    • The work will contribute to the goals of the ICC
    • The applicant is currently registered as a graduate student
    • The work is not funded from another source and requires ICC funding to be undertaken or completed
    • All outputs are made publicly available and there are no IP restrictions placed on the results, methods, data, algorithms, code etc. generated within the work undertaken for ICC
    • The work is original and capable of leading to publication in a conference, journal or on the ICC web site
    • The amount applied for represents good value for the proposed research outputs
    • The work is capable of being completed within a calendar year of the proposal being accepted
    • The successful candidate attends an ICC meeting to present their work after its completion, and provides a progress report within 6 months of the proposal being accepted. [Details of ICC meetings are here]

Proposals should be no more than five pages, and should include the following:

  1. An abstract summarising the proposed research
  2. Details of where the applicant is registered as a graduate student
  3. A summary of the context for the research, including references to relevant publications
  4. A statement of the research question to be addressed, how the outcome contributes to the goals of ICC, and how it will benefit colour management users
  5. A summary of the research to be undertaken
  6. A list of the research deliverables uniquely associated with the work
  7. A list of other contributors to the work, including supervisors
  8. A proposed budget identifying the amount applied for and how the funds will be spent. Note that travel to an ICC meeting to present work cannot be included.
The next deadline for proposals will be in spring 2019. Proposals will be considered by a panel of ICC members, who will make recommendations to the ICC steering committee for a final decision. Proposals will be judged on their quality and the degree to which they meet the award conditions above, together with the funds available and the particular priorities of the ICC at the time. Details of awards will be announced on the ICC web site and ICC will also normally publish outputs of the research on the web site.

Proposals should be submitted to the ICC Technical Secretary

The following projects have been approved to date:

Muhammad Safdar, a PhD student at the Color Engineering Lab of Zhejiang University, China, for 'An Efficient Uniform Color Space for High Dynamic Range and Wide Gamut Imagery'. This work was presented at the ICC meeting in Prague, 2017 and published in Optics Express.

Wei-Chun Hung, at the Color, Imaging and Illumination Center of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, for 'BRDF measurement and color appearance simulation based on iccMAX framework'. This work was presented at the ICC Experts' Day in Prague, 2017.

Wei-Chun Hung, at the Color, Imaging and Illumination Center of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, for 'Optimizing color accuracy of a filter-based multispectral camera via iccMAX'. The work was presented at the ICC Displays meeting on 5 May 2016.