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CIE Reportership R8-13 Common Colour Appearance

Reporters: Craig Revie (Fujifilm), Yasuki Yamauchi (Yamagata University)

The Reportership is now closed and a CIE Technical Committee has been formed to continue this work. This Technical Committee will follow the CIE rules for confidentiality which does not permit general disclosure of documents. Should you wish to join the Technical Committee, please contact one of the committee chairs (Craig Revie or Yasuki Yamauchi). Information on CIE TC8-16 Consistency of Colour Appearance within a Single Reproduction Medium is available here


When a set of colour reproductions are judged to have a high degree of similarity, they are often said to have a 'Common Colour Appearance'. The degree of similarity is generally judged by subjective assessment. Although this term and similar terms are widely used it has no clear definition and there is currently no standard means of assessing whether a set of colour reproductions has common colour appearance.

For this reportership we plan to describe some example cases where sets of images share a common colour appearance and propose assessment methods that could be used to explore this idea further. One objective is to determine whether common colour appearance is a shared concept across observers and, if so, whether the degree of colour similarity of a set of colour reproductions can be measured objectively.

Images that are colour matched have a 'common colour appearance'. Colour matching, including media-relative colour matching is widely used for print production today but has a serious limitation when reproductions are to be made across a range of printing systems and displays as the reproductions must use the smallest colour gamut of all of the systems. The aim of this project is to explore ways of using the full colour gamut of all systems and at the same time retain common colour appearance.

This work is being done as part of CIE Reportership R8-13 Common Colour Appearance with a view to establishing a CIE Technical Committee to develop suitable objective measures.

A set of test images have been proposed for use in research on this topic. A set of print gamuts are recommended for testing.

Pre-TC meeting of the CIE Common Colour Appearance Focus Group (R8-13)
Westgate Hotel, San Diego, California in conjunction with IS&T CIC 24
8th November 2016, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Start timePresentation
0:00Introduction and welcome
3:10General problem statement (R8-13 Common Colour Appearance)
11:48Informal 'Focus Group' on LinkedIn
13:55Focus for the proposed CIE Technical Committee
22:40Planned research projects (NTNU, Gjøvik)
28:45Planned research projects (Yamagata University)
30:10Planned research projects (RIT)
44:30Planned research projects (Fogra)

Start times indicate the time the presentation started in the meeting recording.

Meeting notes

Second Teleconference on Common Colour Appearance
CIE R8-13 Focus Group, Tuesday 23rd August 2016(14:00 GMT)


Start timePresentation
0:00Introductions and background
10:001. Review of the CIE R8-13 report
14:402. Proposal for CIE TC on Common Colour Appearance
 Possible research methods or tools
33:103. Philipp Tröster Fogra research plans
40:404. Yasuki Yamauchi: Yamagata research plans
51:305. Greg High: Gjøvik research plans
1:05:006. Elena Fedorovskaya/Bob Chung RIT research plans
.John Seymour: See paper below
1:14:457. Dave McDowell: Why the CRPCs produce common colour appearance
1:27:15Jack Holm: explanation of what Jack thinks could be achieved
 Claas Bickeboeller: explanation of what Claas thinks could be achieved
1:33:158. Craig Revie Standardisation of assessment method

John Seymour: Using the ISO 15339 reference print conditions

Start times indicate the time the presentation started in the meeting recording.
Individual presentations are available by clicking on the presentation title.

First Teleconference on Common Colour Appearance
CIE R8-13 Focus Group, Monday 7th December 2015 (15:00 GMT)


Start timePresentation
3:241. Po-Chieh Hung: Clear definition of Common Colour Appearance and suggested plan of work
12:202. Jürgen Seitz: References for color communication
21:403. Philipp Tröster: Fogra common colour appearance metric
42:054. Yasuki Yamauchi: A metric to evaluate the closeness of the two colours
1:01:385. Mike Rodriguez: Development of ISO 15339 CRPCs
1:20:006. Greg High: Specific usage cases for a model of common colour appearance
1:29:007. Jan Morovic: Evaluation of sets of reproductions under multiple conditions
1:38:258. Jack Holm: Artistic intent and Common Colour Appearance
1:52:309. Ken Elsman: Two important aspects for Common Colour Appearance
1:59:4510. Elena Fedorovskaya: Common Colour Appearance research at RIT
1:52:3011. Claas Bickeboeller: Testing ICC Profiles for Common Colour Appearance using Roman 16 images
2:07:30Craig Revie: The way forward for Common Colour Appearance (general discussion)

Start times indicate the time the presentation started in the meeting recording.
Individual presentations are available by clicking on the presentation title.

Meeting notes