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ICC Meeting: Beijing 2012

ICC held its first meeting in China on October 21 2012, in conjunction with the China Academic Conference on Printing and Packaging in Beijing.

The meeting was chaired by Professor Pu Jia-Ling of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications and William Li of Kodak Inc.

Presentations from the meeting are available from the links below.

Introduction to ICC
Kip SMythe, ICC Secretary

Fundamentals of ICC Color Management
William Li, Kodak Inc.

Cross media colour with ICC profiles
Phil Green, ICC Technical Secretary

Experiences in standardisation, conformance and certification
Tom Lianza, X-Rite

Color Management workflow
Bob Hallam, Consultant

Color Management in AFP
Yue Qiao, AFP Consortium

Color Appearance Prediction of Wide Gloss Range of Halftone Prints
Song Li, National Laboratory of Color Science and Engineering

Introduction to CSEL China
Qingmei Huang, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

The XYZLMS interim connection space for spectral image compression and reproduction
Xiandou Zhang, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Next generation i1 Pro color management solutions