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ICC Spectral Imaging Experts' Day

ICC is planning a one-day event on Spectral Imaging at NTNU in Gjøvik, Norway on September 9, 2024.

This event will include contributions from researchers at NTNU's Colourlab.

Room K113, NTNU in Gjøvik
Gjøvik 2815

Highlights will include:

  • Measuring Individual Differences in Colour-Matching Functions (ICVIO researchers)
  • Spectral estimation from colorimetric data (Tanzima Habib)
  • Spectral imaging in colour management workflows (Max Derhak)
  • Tour of the spectral imaging resources in Colourlab's laboratories
If you are interested in presenting at this event, please send a proposed title and brief outline to ICC Technical Secretary

Hotels in Gjøvik are:
Hotel Grand, Gjøvik
Quality Hotel Strand

Attendance is free but advance registration is essential.

CVCS Symposium
ICC is a sponsor of the Colour and Visual Computing Symposium, which is also being held at NTNU in Gjøvik, on September 5-6. The submission deadline for papers at CVCS is 20 May.