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ICC DevCon 2014 video available


ICC DevCon 2014 concentrated on presenting a new specification, iccMAX that enables new ways of openly communicating about light, color and appearance to promote the use and adoption of open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management systems.

According to William Li, ICC Co-Chair and Kodak Color Technology Manager, "iccMAX is a major expansion of the original ICC profile format. Users will no longer be constrained by the need to base everything on a standard D50 light source, by the lack of support for spectral data, or by the inability to use 3D measurements." He added, "The result is a next-generation colour management system, together with a reference implementation, that will aid companies in quickly developing solutions for their market segment."

During the conference attendees gained a better understanding of the background and practical application of their iccMAX-based solutions. Now, from the post-conference videos, those who participated in the event will be able to recapture and rediscover the program content, while those not in attendance will have the benefit of experiencing the meeting content at their convenience.

Additionally, a series of live webinars which develop the themes from DevCon2014 will take place in 2015, starting on April 22. Presentations to be included in the first live webinar will be:

  • Making Connections with iccMAX
  • Taming Unusual Color Workflows with iccMAX
  • Introduction to iccMAX from the business perspective
  • Multi-processing elements in iccMAX, and
  • Questions & Answers
"Describing ICC profiles is a great way of connecting different color devices, since the ICC first defined the profile format over 20 years ago," stated William Li. He continued, "The latest version, published as an ISO standard in 2010 (ISO 15076-1), provides a highly-interoperable and stable mechanism for achieving consistency of color in many industries as well as in the office and home."

The ICC DevCon 2014 post-conference video on DVD is available at $150, plus shipping. Registration for each webinar in the series is $50 and also provides for participants the opportunity to purchase the post-conference video at a discounted price of $100.

A preview of the ICC DevCon 2014 video is available.

For more information about the post-conference ICC DevCon 2014 videos on DVD, or the live webinar series, contact NPES Assistant Director, Standards Programs Debbie Orf or phone: (+1) 703/264-7200