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CIE data for colorimetry

Data in this section is extracted from CIE Datasets with permission of the CIE.

ICC.1 colour management assumes a fixed colorimetric PCS, with a D50 illuminant and CIE 1931 Standard Colorimetric Observer. In ICC.2 the profile creator can choose to apply different illuminants and observers when computing XYZ tristimulus values. For interoperability it is highly desirable that when profiles use such alternative data, the same values are used and that the values correspond directly to those defined by CIE.

Data is provided at 1nm or 5nm intervals, over the range 360-780 for observers and 300-780nm for illuminants (which ensures that any fluorescent excitation is included). Where the range or interval of the observer, illuminant or measurement data do not match, the procedures described in CIE Publication 15, available from CIE, should be followed.

Entries in the Data column below link directly to the corresponding CIE data in comma-separated value (.csv) format. The entries in the CIE Data Page column link to the information on the observer or illuminant on the CIE site, including data description, metadata and citation details. Metadata is available in machine-readable .json files.

Illuminant or observerCIE designationInterval (nm)CIE data page
IlluminantCIE standard illuminant D501CIE standard illuminant D50 - 1 nm
IlluminantCIE standard illuminant D651CIE standard illuminant D65 - 1 nm
IlluminantCIE standard illuminant A1CIE standard illuminant A - 1 nm
ObserverCIE 1931 colour matching functions, 2 degree observer1CIE 1931 observer - 1nm
ObserverCIE 1964 colour matching functions, 10 degree observer1CIE 1964 observer - 1nm