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Consistent Colour Appearance - test images

Proposed test images

The following images have been proposed for the testing of Consistent Colour Appearance. Our objective is to ensure that results from testing can be shared easily. These images are not freely available but may be obtained from ISO as part of ISO12640 (Part 2: sRGB SCID, Part 3 CIELAB SCID and Part 4 AdobeRGB SCID).

It is suggested that the primary set of images be used for all tests. Where algorithms have been identified that perform well for the primary set, the secondary set be used to test these further.

Suggestions for additions or modifications to these image sets should be made to the ICC Technical Secretary.

Primary image set         Show details


Secondary set         Show details


Additional image

Preparation of test images

Images should be printed as shown below. They should have an unprinted border and a Munsell N5 gray background.

Add a white border to show unprinted substrate if necessary. Images should be printed at approximately the same size and the original aspect ratio should be retained.

Neutral grey background (L*=50), ideally Munsell N5. Background may be on print or display so may not have a flat spectrum.

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