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Toronto Graphic Arts Day 13 October 2017   

The School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University is holding a Graphic Arts Day in conjunction with the ICC meetings.

School of Graphic Communications Management
GCM Building
Ryerson University
125 Bond Street
Toronto, Canada

8.00am - 4:00pm

Draft program

08:00 Registration and welcome reception

William Li, Kodak Inc. (ICC co-chair) and Reem El Asaleh, Ryerson University

Calibration and how it affects color management
Steve Upton, Chromix

Profiling digital cameras for accurate and repeatable color
Rich Adams, Ryerson University


Observer Metamerism
Chris Bai, BenQ

M1, M2 M3 measurement modes and ISO 13655
Ray Cheydleur, X-Rite Inc.

Multi-colour and extended colour gamut in printing and proofing
William Li, Kodak Inc

Communication of gloss and metallic effects in packaging
Martin Habekost, Ryerson University


Consistent colour appearance
Craig Revie, FFEI UK

What problems can be solved with iccMAX
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics (ICC Co-chair)

Differences between v2, v4 and iccMAX profiles
Phil Green, NTNU in Gjøvik


Print Media Research Center (PMRC) session

Accuracy of color mapping across different printing processes using extended gamut printing
Paula Roque, Susan Nguyen, Jasmine Ragual and Karen Patel

Tablet color management
Reem El Asaleh and Daniel Langsford, Ryerson University

Typographic ornaments of the Girl's Own Annual: 1880-1905
Gillian Mothersill, Ryerson University

Color reproduction of soy based CMYK vs. standard petroleum based CMYK
Man Ku, Silvya Ma, Vivian To and Christopher Cho, Ryerson University

Using the MegaVision EV multispectral camera as a spectrophotometer
Rich Adams, Ryerson University and Henry Wilhelm, Wilhelm Imaging Research

18:00 - 20:00 Evening reception

The event is free to attend, although places are limited and advance registration is required. For more information please contact Reem El Asaleh, Assistant Professor at Ryerson University.